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    Tribal tattoos are generally influenced by tribal art from native and indigenous tribes.tribal tattoos -1

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    The tattoo art comes from the oldest tribes, as the Celtics (Ireland, Scotland and Wales), Maori Tribe (indigenous people of New Zealand), North American Tribal,tribal tattoos -2

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    the African Tribal, the Marquesan (Polynesian inhabitants of the Marquesas Islands) and the tribes of Borneo.tribal tattoos -3

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    While the tribal tattoo was originally used to identify members of specific tribes, represent battles, and to serve as the symbolization of social status,tribal tattoos -4

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    Today the art of tribal tattoo is a popular fashion. a lot of people today choose various designs simply for aesthetic reasons. Some of the most popular designs are dragons, butterflies and suntribal tattoos.tribal tattoos -5

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    This tattoo can be placed almost anywhere in the body, back and arms are usually the most common areas where people have to be applied, but the ankle, calf and chest are also used.tribal tattoos -6

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    The tribal tattoo art expresses personal freedom and individuality of its wearer.tribal tattoos -7

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    Tribal Art has a simple appeal that reinforces a positive feeling about ourselves and connects us to ancient mystery of the tribal rituals, which faded with history.tribal tattoos -8

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    While the tribal tattoo has a history as far back as the tattoo itself, these images have won a huge increase in general popularity, from early 1990.tribal tattoos -9

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    Traditional tribal tattoo was (and is) done for many reasons. Some of the most common reasons for tattoos include tribal rites of passage, social status or family ID, even simple. Some tribes also believe that tattoos have magical or spiritual significance. Of course, there are also cases in which members of the tribe tattoo just for aesthetic reasons. Some of the most popular variations of tribal tattoos come from tribes of Borneo, the islands of Polynesia, Maori, Native American and Celtic tribes.tribal tattoos -10

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    A common thread throughout the modern and traditional tribal tattoos is the use of black ink and bold designs. While the modern tattoo machine and inks have made the best and most detailed body art, tribal tattoo traditional artists certainly had no equipment available.tribal tattoos -11

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    Therefore, each tribe had its own method of administration of his tattoos, a more careful and / or painful than others. In many tribes, the tattoo process itself was seen as a ritual, and the pain inherent considered an integral part of that ritual. Today, tattoos are almost always made use of modern equipment, which is much faster and less painful than the old ways. However, many current members of the tribe, and even outside, prefer their art run by traditional methods.tribal tattoos -12Source URL:
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